With over 50 years of expertise in diamond dispersion, we offer unmatched product consistency.

Ceiba’s diamond pellets are manufactured to exceed the most stringent process requirements. The homogeneity of our pellets provides lot-to-lot process uniformity necessary in today’s competitive electronics industry.

Selection of the best raw materials and proprietary manufacturing methods are joined together to produce a high quality product with unvaried performance. Our customers benefit from up to 25% longer life and low scratch levels, increasing production yields and lowering cost of ownership. Ceiba’s technical personnel work with our customers to customize products to specific process needs.

Ceiba also offers a conditioning carrier recycle program. Years of experience in the recycle business allows us to offer superior flatness and quick turnaround times.


  • Increased pellet longevity
  • Consistent lot-to-lot performance
  • Variety of pellet dimensions
  • Improved surface finish


  • Lapping plate conditioning
  • Stone conditioning
  • Grinding/lapping of optics and other hard surfaces


BOND Resin and Metal
THICKNESS (mm) 3, 4, 5
DIAMETER (mm) 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20
GRIT (JIS) 100 - 5,000

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